How to do an AOL with the new rules

Verizon Unlimited Data line AOL transfers vs using sub-accounts

As you probably know at this point, it is very hard to do an AOL (Assumption of Liability) transfer with unlimited data, as of November 14, 2014 when Verizon changed the policy for the AOL department to no longer transfer unlimited lines from one account to another.
Some people still had a limited success in transferring the lines by using a loophole in Verizon’s communication channel. Basically, not all the AOL dept reps know that they are not “supposed to” transfer the unlimited data to new and or existing accounts regardless if they have unlimited lines currently in the account. I have personally had limited success with this method, if you get a rep on the line let them know you are wanting to transfer a line and that you “want to transfer all the features on it including the unlimited data”, I suggest not to make it too much more obvious than that, however if they are aware of the unlimited data transfer policy they are very likely to inform you at this point that “it can’t be done” or “they can’t transfer unlimited data anymore”. If that is their response, just let them know that you don’t wish to continue, and then quickly but politely get off the phone before they notate the account with your request. Call back and try a new AOL rep.
In most cases the AOL rep will tell you that “the system” will not allow unlimited lines to transfer but in reality they (the rep) are the ones that select which features (texting, data, minute plan etc) transfers to the new/existing account.
Method #1 using the AOL process
There is a small exemption in cases where the person receiving the line is a Verizon Wireless Business Account holder AND has at least one existing unlimited data line in the account. In this case Verizon will generally transfer the line and keep the unlimited data. If you do not have business credit then they will likely ask for a security deposit of up to $300 per line
● Verizon Wireless business account with an existing unlimited data line
● Tax ID number or classified as a Sole Proprietorship and use social security
● Security deposit in some cases
Method #2 bypassing the AOL process
The good news is that there is a way to get unlimited data AND bypass the AOL department. In this scenario the buyer of the unlimited line does not become the actual account owner on the Verizon side however the billing is dedicated to only the line or multiple lines that are “owned” by the new buyer. The seller must create a “sub­account” (this is free and does not risk losing the unlimited data) and this way the sub account gets its own completely separate bill and billing address etc.
The one disadvantage of this arrangement is that the account remains under the social security number or federal tax ID number of the original account holder (seller) and the ultimate responsibility for all charges in the account are their responsibility. However this is unlikely to be an issue since the person who’s SS# is on the account can simply shut off service if the buyer doesn’t make timely payments to Verizon for the payments due. In this arrangement there is a certain level of mutual trust between the buyer and seller of the unlimited line.
The advantage for someone who has multiple unlimited lines and doesn’t want to go through the hassle of “renting” out the unlimited lines is that they (seller) gets paid upfront for the price of the line, the buyer pays Verizon directly each month for the service.
Verizon also grants any account owner (the seller in this case) the ability to limit the dollar amount that any line of service can accumulate, such as equipment charges and overages.
Method #3 bypassing the AOL process
The second way to get around the AOL transfer issue is in the case where you wish to transfer your WHOLE account to someone new and not just a line from your account. This is accomplished by not changing the ACCOUNT NUMBER and the listed Social Security Number on the account. All the rest of the information including the Verizon online account username and password, the billing information, secret questions & answers can and should be changed to the new owner’s information. The only risk that the seller of the account has in this scenario is that if the buyer defaults on payment he/she would become liable for such payments, however, why would a buyer that has paid several hundred dollars risk the account going into default. The seller of the account will always be able to suspend the account to prevent additional charges to be created by the account, however, he would only want to do this in the case if the new buyer defaults on paying the account’s monthly bill.
In short, this alternative to going through the AOL department could be just the way to get that unlimited line now without renting one.


How to get an unlimited data hotspot

Have unlimited data and wish you could use it in a jetpack?

Things you’ll need include: an active Verizon unlimited 4G LTE data iPhone or Android line, a MiFi Jetpack, knowledge how Verizon handles sim cards (covered in the eBook below), and possibly two items which you can find on eBay for less than $10.

Unlimited Data Hotspot Guide
45 USD


MetroPCS Is Offering An Unlimited LTE Data Plan For $50 Per Month

If you don’t already have unlimited LTE data from Verizon

this might be your best option now that the Assumption of Liability department no longer allows unlimited lines to be transferred.  Of course there is still always that one loophole to get unlimited data lines to transfer if you are willing to do a different method that is described on this post.  Also just to let you guys in on a tiny secret, we are in the process of writing a new guide that will cover everything you need to know on using your Verizon unlimited line on a MiFi device sometimes also referred to a jetpack or hotspot. Leave comments below on any question you might have regarding setting up an unlimited data hotspot.


How to get an unlimited data plan on Verizon

So many people are still wanting an unlimited data plan on Verizon since you can no longer transfer unlimited data lines via the Verizon Assumption Of Liability department, or if you are able, it is extremely difficult to find a representative that is willing to do it for you. They have been told not to transfer unlimited data feature when transferring lines to any new accounts. There are a few loopholes to transferring unlimited lines to a new person however these are not as well known which we have published into a 2 page ebook, available by clicking the Buy It Now button below.

Guide to transferring unlimited data
25 USD


Verizon unlimited data plans available

Hey guys and gals, we currently have 2 surplus unlimited data lines available from Verizon, we can do a simple AOL swap and the line is yours for as long as you want. Remember you can’t take a subsidized upgrade or renew your contract, but just pay it month to month directly to Verizon. Check out this article on doing an Assumption of Liability.

PS the great news is that the line is under contract which means you will not be subject to the throttling that Verizon has made mention of in recent weeks. You can buy the unlimited lines securely.


Get Grandfathered In Unlimited Data From Verizon

We all know how much we love to use our data but with Verizon having dumped their unlimited data plans a few years ago.  Now the only way to get truly unlimited 4G LTE data is by doing an Assumption of Liability from another existing Verizon Wireless customer. I have bought and sold many of these plans in the past 18 months. And yes they are legitimate and Verizon continues to honor them and will for the foreseeable future.

If you have an Android phone you can use FoxFi or formerly known as PdaNet to tether that unlimited data to your Mac, laptop or tablet.


Verizon closes an upgrade loophole

Verizon is making a change to the way upgrade swaps can be done. In short, before the change, you are(were) able to do what most people referred to as an “alternate upgrade”. You simply upgraded a non-smartphone line to a smartphone with a LIMITED data package, you did this online via the Verizon website, you waited until the phone came by FedEx overnight and you activated it. However you would then reactivate you old non smartphone on this line and drop the LIMITED data package. This would leave you with a brand new smartphone that you could do anything with that you pleased, including putting your old sim card from another phone into this new one. This way you were able to keep the unlimited data on the smartphone line but still get a phone at upgrade price.


Verizon starting to throttle unlimited data users

They have finally announced that they are doing what some of us have suspected that they have been doing for a while now, and that is throttling data speeds for heavy data users, especially those with unlimited data plans. In their statement to the FCC they disclosed that they use “network optimization” for the top 5% of data users in certain markets. See more in the article on the Verizon website.


Verizon unlimited data lines

There are a lot of people looking for the grandfathered unlimited data lines as it appears, They are selling for upwards of $700 at the time of this post since they are getting really rare and hard to obtain. The only way you can get one is via what Verizon calls an Assumption of Liability where they transfer a line of service from one existing customers’ account to another new or existing account.

We will discuss the details of the transfer in an upcoming post.  But for now you can check out eBay for unlimited data lines.