How to get an unlimited data hotspot

Have unlimited data and wish you couldĀ use it in a jetpack?

Things you’ll need include: an active Verizon unlimited 4G LTE data iPhone or Android line, a MiFi Jetpack, knowledge how Verizon handles sim cards (covered in the eBook below), and possibly two items which you can find on eBay for less than $10.

Unlimited Data Hotspot Guide
45 USD

2 thoughts on “How to get an unlimited data hotspot

  1. I bought a iPad where I rent or lease the unlimited data. NOTHING worked when I first got it and I didn’t believe the story given. I went to Verizon… asked a few general questions… they knew nothing basically… they said I had bought an iPad that didn’t even get 4g much less 4g lte. I called apple afterward and they said I could get 4g on that model (verizon said only on the ones w/ the new type plugs) but that LTE only came on the ATT ones. Well…when it was all fixed…and it did take a day or two but was fixed… I had 4g LTE…and a hot spot (although a sucky one). BUT… something I am very concerned about…when they pulled up the acct… they showed me…it was a 4g unlimited… which is great (they weren’t supposed to show me as I wasn’t on the acct)… however they said there wasn’t an uncharge for a hotspot so I wouldn’t get it. BUT I DO. lol They said something else that scared me… it seems like …although I didn’t totally understand them… that the person that rented this to me also had the same number on several things. Verizon said another independent retailer used to do that and they didn’t know how they did it or got away w/ it but they did. I’m worried now that after spending an extreme amount of money… something illegal is being done and I will lose it. HOW could he have several devices using the same sim phone number? When att activates a new sim it deactivates the old one. Doesn’t verizon? I looked deep in his feedback and saw several sales for unlimited data (although he told me he had two…one for an ex and one he was keeping… and I was renting the exes). He also said he was buying a new iPad that is why he wanted to sell this one w/ an iPad. WELL…low and behold there is another one up now… and I just know in my gut it has the same phone number as mine. Is that something that someone will catch and I should fight to get my money back before I can’t anymore (I’ve had it a week) or should I not worry about this? Y’all seem to be in the know.

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