How to get an unlimited data plan on Verizon

So many people are still wanting an unlimited data plan on Verizon since you can no longer transfer unlimited data lines via the Verizon Assumption Of Liability department, or if you are able, it is extremely difficult to find a representative that is willing to do it for you. They have been told not to transfer unlimited data feature when transferring lines to any new accounts. There are a few loopholes to transferring unlimited lines to a new person however these are not as well known which we have published into a 2 page ebook, available by clicking the Buy It Now button below.

Guide to transferring unlimited data
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6 thoughts on “How to get an unlimited data plan on Verizon

    • We do not currently have any for sale directly. I would advise extreme caution as well when buying lines via eBay etc

  1. i really dont know how to get it buy i have prepaid plan on verison it that goinh help bc i play video game lot if connect me by texting 9788778088 how to get in plan how much

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