Verizon Assumption of Liability step by step guide

One of the great things about Verizon Wireless is that in spite of no longer offering new lines of unlimited data to new and or existing customers, they do have a very important department called the Assumption of Liability department (Verizon’s AOL department). This department has one purpose and that is to assist Verizon customers to transfer existing lines of service to another Verizon customer’s account.

This is how you are still able to obtain an unlimited data line:

  1. Purchase or agree to take over an existing line of unlimited data from an existing Verizon customer
  2. Have them call Verizon’s Assumption of Liability Department at 888-832-4540, they will need to provide the AOL dept with your contact name and phone number
  3. Keep in mind that you must have your own account in good standing with Verizon and or have good credit to add an additional line to your account. Please check with them before paying someone for a line
  4. Once the party that is releasing the line has given Verizon permission to release the line, you’ll need to call the same number mentioned in step 2, to accept the line of service into your account.

This is the normal process, however there are rare cases where you may not be eligible to receive an additional line. Please keep in mind that this post was not written by a Verizon representative and that the information may change without notice. Confirm the steps by calling the 888 number listed above.


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